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In light of recent stage 3 restrictions, we want to reassure you thatCHIROPRACTIC is classified as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE. At Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic (WCCC), we are doing everything we can to help keep our community safe. Although chiropractic practices are permitted to remain open this is not business as usual. Stage 4 restrictions are aligned to […]

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Who are you sleeping with?

We sleep every night, shedding skin, losing body moisture and keeping the bed warm, all the perfect ingredients for a dust mite infestation. It is essential to protect both your mattress and pillow not only for your health but for protecting the quality of your products. Ask us how you can book in for your […]

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Sleeping with Pets — What You Need To Know

Whether you always sleep with your pet, or only warm to the idea on a cold winter’s night, your furry water-bottle may be giving you more than just a cuddle. Studies indicate that there are a great number of health risks related to sleeping with pets, ranging from the irritating through to the potentially deadly. […]

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