Many pregnant women can experience low back pain during pregnancy.

When working properly, the pelvis works like the keystone of a roman arch to distribute weight (this is why arches are so strong). As pregnancy moves along, the rapidly growing baby causes the centre of gravity to move dramatically forward. This change in centre of gravity puts stress on joints in the lower back and buttocks called the sacroiliac joints. Further, the body starts to produce Relaxin (a hormone that loosens the body to allow for childbirth to happen). The combination of increased stress (pressure) and a hormone causing them to loosen is often what causes the pain. This also causes the piriformis muscle to be overworked and thus painful. Irritation to the piriformis muscle can also cause referred pain into the leg.

How we treat these conditions:

As with everything, we do a full, functional examination. We then tailor a program specific to each patient’s needs. Often, the pregnant patients require manipulation of the spine with the goal of restoring normal motion to the joints to decrease pain and relax tense/tight muscles.

The team at Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic will be able to properly diagnose your condition by doing a thorough exam. We will then provide treatment to help you get back to living your life the way you want!