Lateral/Medial Epicondylitis describes acute and chronic inflammation of the muscles of the forearm that attach at the elbow. Initially, the inflammation occurs both at the periosteum (connective tissue covering of the bone) as well as the tendons that insert on the bone (namely the wrist extensor tendons for lateral epicondylitis or wrist flexor muscles for medial epicondylitis). Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow are common names for these conditions. Tennis elbow refers to pain on the outside (lateral side) of the elbow while Golfer’s elbow refers to pain on the inside (medial side) of the elbow. Interestingly enough, Tennis elbow is more common in golfers and Golfer’s elbow is more common in tennis players!

Many times, the biomechanical problem is in the shoulder and/or wrist. Basically, having weak shoulder muscles can put the elbow muscles under more stress and cause them to experience pain.

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