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Rice Protein Pikelets

For that post-gym refuel! Ingredients: – 3 eggs – 25g uncooked rice (approx 75g cooked rice) – 2 scoops protein powder (I used @nextgenerationsupplements) – 1 medium sized banana – 100g fruits (I used raspberry and blueberry) Method: 1) Heat some oil in a fry pan on medium heat 2) Blitz up all the ingredients […]

Rainbow Salmon

It is widely known that different colors in fruits and vegetables provide a variety of essential nutrients. Serving (for 2 people) What you will need: – 2x 200g salmon – 400g vegetables of your choice (we used 100g baby tomatoes, 100g bok choy, 100g purple cabbage, 100g brussel sprouts) – 300g sweet potato – salt […]