While everyone is trying to do their bit to stay safe and protect the vulnerable in our community, our current situation may involve adapting to a new ‘normal’ and working from home. Whether you are used to working in an office or classroom, taking steps to set up your home office can be a bit of an adjustment both physically and mentally.

At WCCC, we care about maintaining your spinal health and overall wellbeing through creating spaces and implementing healthy habits you can use every day.

1.    WORKSPACE | 

Whether you have a separate study in your home or have set up your office on the kitchen or lounge table, remember to use your ergonomic chair, and sit with your shoulders back, relax with either both feet on the floor or a footrest.

Are you working off a laptop? Bring the laptop to eye level by using a separate mouse and keyboard and elevating the laptop or computer so you can sit with your shoulders back, and posture straight.

Have you seen our Flexispot Deskcise Pro? Part exercise bike, part standing desk! It combines an on-demand, height-adjustable desk and exercise bike into one sleek desk bike. 

2.    ROUTINE | 

Like you would if you were going into work every day, set up a daily routine. Wake up at the same time every day, eat meals regularly and set aside time to exercise.


Make sure to stay connected to friends, family and colleagues during this time, by having virtual video meetings, or casual chats to check in with one another. If you are using a phone to video chat, make sure to bring the phone up to eye-level and sit on a supportive chair to help support your posture.


While working at home, make sure to take a quick break every 30 minutes, by getting up and moving. The Straighten Up app is also a great tool to help get you moving with its three-minute stretching program designed to help improve your spinal health, posture and overall wellbeing.


At the end of your workday, take a tech break by going for a walk outside, cooking a meal, reading a book or starting a new hobby.

For further guidance, or to learn more about creating the best working from the home office, please do not hesitate to contact us. Chiropractors can offer you advice and assistance on how to care for your spinal health while working from home.