sports chiropractic

Tennis stars, golfers, and many other elite athletes are now seeking specialist health care from chiropractors to help them achieve their peak performance.

Chiropractic care can be a significant benefit to anyone who loves sport, from those who are thinking about getting fit again, to those who break records – body alignment and spinal health is a basic need for all.

The challenge

Australians increasingly face challenges to maintain good posture and active lifestyles, as the technological devices many of us now use at work and at home encourage a more sedentary lifestyle.

Researchers developing the most recent Australian Health Survey for the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that:

  • the average Australian adult takes just 7,400 steps per day;
  • less than one in five Australians walk more than 10,000 steps per day; and
  • 23% of children aged 5-17 spend more than three hours per day on screen entertainment on average.

More walking and less time sitting is essential for many Australians in order to improve health – and the postural problems associated with technology, particularly small hand-held devices, can compound the health challenges facing us today.

How chiropractors get sports fans back on track

Chiropractors spend five years at university learning how to help people maintain the health of their spine. Many of clients report benefits from chiropractic adjustments that restore the alignment of their body – freeing them up to follow a balanced, inspiring exercise routine. Chiropractors also provide practical advice about exercise preparation and correct technique to maintain body alignment.

Specialist sporting chiropractors also provide tailored rehabilitation and strengthening programs to improve sporting performance for elite athletes.

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