“Wellness” has become a buzzword among the public and health care practitioners alike. But what exactly does it mean, and how can people benefit from it?

Wellness is defined as a proactive process of making healthy lifestyle choices that lead toward a greater quality of life.

Dr James Chestnut (B.Ed., M.Sc., D.C., C.C.W.P) describes it best in his second book, “The Innate Diet and Natural Hygiene”, that wellness really is a paradigm. It is a lens through which to see the world. Think of plants. If you had a bunch of plants that were wilting what would you do? Add drugs and remove parts? No, you would ask intelligent questions, such as; are the plants getting enough sunlight, have they been watered properly, have you added the right nutrients into the soil. Then, if the plants continued to wilt, you may want to test the soil. And guess what, the soil is toxic! Your neighbor was dumping out his oil in his back yard and it got into the root systems of your plants!

I hope you see that in order to be healthy and well, in order to maintain homeostasis, ecosystems have to have sufficiency in ALL the required nutrients, and purity in ALL aspects of their environment AT THE SAME TIME, for a period of time!

This is what you need to be healthy because you are an ecosystem of cells.

I hope you also realize that in every case it was NOT a genetic problem with the plants or the cells of the plant ecosystem that was the problem. The problem was the deficient and toxic environment the plants were in. However, if you studied the genetics of these sick plants you would see different genes being expressed in the sick plants than in healthy ones. This is the EFFECT of the deficient and toxic environment NOT the CAUSE! Interesting isn’t it. Keep reading, it gets better.

Something we should point out here is that the stress of toxicity and deficiency causes acceleration of the aging process. Toxicity and deficiency lead to damaged cells from free radicals and other damaging toxins and to increased rates of cell division per unit of time. For years allopathy has unscientifically told us that aging leads to disease. This is totally false. Aging leads to getting older, and to very gradually running out of the ability to maintain homeostasis. This process, when not accelerated by toxicity and deficiency, takes about 120 years in humans.

Think about some of the myths regarding aging. One of my favorites is the myth that arthritis is caused by aging. So many of my patients have been told that arthritis is “just part of the aging process”. The first thing I do is ask them if they have any joints that are not arthritic or that are less arthritic than others. The answer is always yes. I then ask them if all their joints were born on the same day. The answer is always yes, unless they are too confused to answer. I then ask how it is possible to have different levels of arthritis in different joints if arthritis is caused by aging.

So, please consider the environment you are living in right now; is it toxic? Is it deficient? Maybe you should speak to your chiropractor about how they live a wellness lifestyle.

Recommended Reading:
Dr James Chestnut: The Innate Diet and Natural Hygiene (www.thewellnesspractice.com/downloads/The_Innate_Diet.pdf)