Let me ask you a question, what does it take to be truly healthy?  Is it having no symptoms, or is it something much more?

My Chiropractic story began in 1997 while studying the health sciences at Adelaide University, majoring in Cell Physiology, Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry. Through my research I began to see the human body as an ecosystem of cells which were governed by the same principles for health as any other unicellular or multicellular organism. It became apparent to me that the human body was innately programmed for health and that the only reason “why” a cell became “sick” was because it was either deficient in something it needed for growth and survival, or that its environment was toxic. At the time I was reading a lot of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Bruce Lipton (great reading for those interested in natural healing) and I began to look further into what the human body truly needed for health. The answer was so logical and simple. The nervous system, the master controller for the entire human body, needed to work optimally and without disturbance, for the body to be truly healthy. It was at that point my career path was chosen and from that time I never wavered from wanting to be a Chiropractor. The idea of a drugless healing art that enhances the self-healing and self-regulating abilities of the body by removing disturbances to the nervous system made sense to me.

Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic is essentially a wellness based chiropractic clinic. Our mission is to educate and support people in their endeavours to maintain their health, vitality and wellness. My own family have had chiropractic care since the first day I attended chiropractic school. We have not had to visit a medical doctor since. Now that’s what I call “true” health care, but that can wait for another day…

Recommended Reading:
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