Introducing Emma Tippett, whose drive to help others achieve their health and wellness goals have made her a wonderful addition to the team here at Waverley!

Emma has years of experience as a Naturopath and we are excited to welcome her to the team.

Emma’s introduction to a holistic approach to health started from a very young age. Instead of being shipped off to the local GP when she was sick as a child, her mother would make her first stop at the local Bendigo Naturopath. Thanks to her mother’s well informed health choices and endless health lectures, she made it into adulthood with a passion and drive to help others achieve health and wellness. In 2004 Emma graduated with her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) after four years of study at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine. Since that time she has applied her Naturopathy to not only her own children and family but many other families in the local Glen Waverley area.

For Emma Naturopathy is a way of life. She looks forward to helping you and your family discover how Naturopathy can help you achieve health and wellness today and for the future.