Dr George Skandalellis was on the way to becoming a professional tennis player when he suffered a potential career-threatening shoulder injury. On the recommendation of the Kooyong tennis club, he was recommended to see a chiropractor who helped him recover from his injury, allowing him to get back onto the court pain-free. This defining moment, combined with the holistic paradigm of chiropractic’s philosophy, resulted in him becoming a chiropractor. 

He purchased Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic (WCCC) in 1998, transforming it from a 24/7 emergency clinic into a thriving multi-discipline clinic, working alongside inspirational and supportive colleagues.

His primary focus has always been his patients, working as a team to ensure a lasting effect on their wellness.  He achieved this by looking at each patient’s life like a jigsaw puzzle and then working jointly with them to analyse the entire 168 hours in their week to tailor an individual health care plan.

He is also the founder and developer of Back to Sleep, which started as a ‘specialist solution’ for WCCC patients and through planning, infrastructure and sourcing qualified staff, this unique specialist offering grew into a national company, gaining strong market presence.

His passion for patient education, providing access to high-quality products and expert advice, ensured that WCCC would become a market leading clinic for optimal spinal alignment and nervous system function.

He is passionate about all things fitness, supporting Liverpool and Collingwood, travelling, fine dining and good wine.