Sally is extremely passionate about healthcare and always enjoys helping others. She was so inspired by the values and goals of physiotherapy to improve mobility and strength, to relieve pain and to restore physical function that she decided to pursue physiotherapy as a career and hasn’t looked back.

She graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and joined the WCCC team in 2020.

As a past international student from Hong Kong, she can communicate in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese. She aims to provide tailor-made and high-quality treatment to everyone, and especially Asian migrants with English barriers.

Sally loves learning different languages through dramas and movies. As a physiotherapist, she loves doing mat Pilates and is looking forward to implementing this at WCCC. She also enjoys catching up with family and friends regularly via FaceTime.

Sally 自小就對醫療系統感興趣,而且一直喜歡幫助他人,物理治療的理念啟發了Sally,同時她對於物理治療透過不同的療法去改善行動,強健身體機能以及舒緩痛楚感到十分有興趣。因此,她決定去以物理治療師為她的職業目標並一直在這道路上出發。

Sally 現在持有AHPRA 認證物理治療師證書並於2020年畢業在Monash University。然後在同年,她加入了WCCC並開始了她的職業生涯。

作為一個從香港來的國際留學生,Sally 可以流利的使用英語,普通話,廣東話,韓語和日語溝通。她旨在提供高質素以及個人化的服務給每一位顧客,特別是有英語障礙的亞洲移民人士。 Sally 喜歡通過收看電視節目及電影去學習不同的語言。同時作為一位物理治療師,她很喜歡做一項運動名為「普拉提」,並希望有一天可以介紹給大家多了解這個運動的好處。除此之外,她也經常跟朋友和家人聯繫和相聚去放鬆一下自己。