Dr Frank’s passion for health/wellness started after reading about an Englishman who had set his primary life goal to live to 100, and who happily died during his 100th birthday party, surrounded by his friends and family who had organized the milestone event (they actually kept celebrating!). He was so inspired by this goal that he instantly adopted it for himself!

He has always intuitively believed in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. But it wasn’t until he started visiting a chiropractor that he was able to articulate how this happened. His chiropractor explained how our “innate intelligence”, the same intelligence that made the body, was also the same intelligence that could heal the body. A healthy nervous system that could allow for the natural expression of this innate intelligence was vital for the function of a healthy body! Finally, he understood, and with this new understanding, came a significant change in the direction of his life and the beginning of his chiropractic career.

Joining the WCCC team in 2018, he has a major focus on posture and believes that with proper postural alignment, each person has the capacity to achieve optimal performance.

He has been married to Elizabeth for 40 years and has two children, Michael and Jessica, and two grandchildren. He is a passionate Melbourne Demon’s supporter, does not start his day without a walk, and loves to have a laugh and enjoy his life to the fullest.